About Us!



Hi & Welkom! Mogra Collection combineert traditioneel Indiaas textiel met modern design.

Als Belgische wonend in Nederland en getrouwd met een Indiase man, is ook mijn eigen leven een mix van Oost en West! Mogra staat voor een uniek product met een ethnic touch dat bovendien een verhaal vertelt.

Ons verhaal is toegewijd aan de mensen die onze producten maken. Op onze blog kan je meer lezen over wie we zijn en wat we doen. Met Mogra bieden we werkgelegenheid aan een gezin in Noord-India, Fatehabad.

Mogra betekent Jasmijn, de bloem verspreidt een zinderend parfum op warme Indiase avonden. Voor mij betekent het perfectie en inspiratie en ik hoop dat onze producten dit gevoel kunnen doorgeven!



Mogra Collection combines traditional Indian textile arts with Western modern design. As a Western woman married to an Indian man, my life itself is a blend of East & West!

Mogra stands for a unique product with an ethnic touch, distinguished in style with a story to tell.

Our story is a contribution to the PEOPLE who make our products, a dedication to fair trade and the willingness to cooperate over cultural boundaries. Read our blog to get to know us better! Our project is providing a living for a family of 5 in North-India.

Mogra means Jasmine, it holds the most intoxicating fragrance on a warm Indian evening. When I close my eyes and recall Mogra,… it’s my inspiration for all things perfect. We hope our products will add this special feeling to your home too.



Meet Simmi & Shammi!


This lovely couple is not just Mogra staff, but they are neighbours and good friends too. Simmi and Shammi live in the house next door to my in-laws in India. Simmi & Shammi stitch clothes for the local community. Sometimes they have many orders coming in at once and work till late hours to get the job done. But weeks can pass with few customers too. Mogra Collection means a very fair & steady income for them and their 2 children.

MiNi Mogra KNIT

Our knitted products are produced by loving Indian grannies. Our knitting guru is my sweet mother-in-law “Dadiji” who everyone believes, possesses God-gifted knitting-talent! (Check our shopsection Mograknit for proof)

Dadiji grew up in a family of 7 children. When young, her parents took the brave decision of letting all children pursue studies. Financial problems occurred, but Dadiji together with her sister learned knitting from their mother and perfected the art at a very young age. As teenage girls they started knitting beautiful sweaters with intricate motives and sold them on to shops as a successful means to support their parents.

Summer 2016, Dadiji was sent on retirement by her school, much to her dislike. Her biggest fear was sitting idle, so she sought a new way of passing her days and thought of her long time passion, knitting. She asked if she could start knitting for Mogra, and we were so happy she did!

In the meantime her friends occasionally join her too. Elders in India who retire, receive no pension from the government. Therefore knitting is a fun means to financially support oneself. Even the trickiest cable-motives are made by these talented grannies watching Indian soap-tv together! They also knit motives on demand.

If you have a few weeks time, they can create any custom-made orders for you, big or small. (They can’t knit in the hot Indian summer weather though, so orders can be taken from September/October until March)

Please follow our Blog if you want to know more about our local people and how the products are produced.